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Building a Next-Generation Website for a Next-Generation Product

Polte manufactures a one-of-its-kind location tracking device that uses cloud computing and 4G and 5G cellular networks to track assets both indoors and outdoors – without relying on GPS, WiFi, or other location technologies. Their existing website did not properly reflect the capability of their technology and wasn’t reaching the right audiences to help grow awareness of this breakthrough location solution. They needed a website that would put some momentum behind their brand.



We dove right in, kicking off the effort by interviewing key Polte stakeholders and customers. These conversations uncovered candid information about the Polte brand, its people, and key differentiators to help us better tell the Polte story. These interviews also helped us fully understand the technology, especially as it pertains to individual industries. Our goal was to create the right messaging and set the stage for Polte’s success in introducing their location tracking technology to the market.


We focused on educating audiences through bold messaging and visuals to not only show how the location solution works and how it can be used in different industries, but to better reflect the cutting-edge nature of the technology and the brand itself. We designed the site to cater to two distinct audiences – end-users and developers – and provided audience-specific information such as a developer quick-start guide and API access to make the experience as seamless as possible.


Following the launch of the website in 2019, website users are up 54%, website sessions are up 52%, and the average time-on-page is up 28%. Our SEO strategies for website development have also increased search traffic by 38%. Fishnet also received the Gold AVA Award that recognized the site for its overall user experience in clearly communicating the advantage Polte’s technology offers and how it’s being leveraged in industries around the world today.

“Our goal throughout the years of developing this technology was always to provide everyone with the world’s best cellular location capability to transform businesses and consumer experiences. But having a breakthrough technology isn’t enough – we needed the right website and supporting content to help us gain awareness in the market and make people aware of the significant ways this technology can be used to streamline operations, save power and cost, and improve security. Fishnet took the time to really understand our business, mission, and, most importantly, the technology, and delivered a website that has given us the increased visibility we needed.”

Christina Gaines, Director of Marketing