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Reflecting Trusted, High-Quality M&A Transactions in a Brand Refresh

Peloton Advisory provides specialized merger & acquisition advisory services to privately-held businesses to help entrepreneurs realize their goals, maximize their business value, and preserve their legacies. Facilitating large business transactions that are often overwhelming and complex to the entrepreneurs themselves, Peloton needed to elevate their brand identity and create a website and supporting collateral that would serve to effectively communicate the team’s trustworthiness, dedication, and ability to act as a true partner.



We kicked off the effort by conducting interviews with Peloton stakeholders and clients. These conversations uncovered candid information about the Peloton team and the unique level of service they bring to each engagement. Speaking with actual clients about their experience with Peloton during the M&A process helped us tell the Peloton story in a way that would resonate with Peloton’s target audiences, and understand how to visually represent the brand.


A large component of the visual representation of the Peloton Advisory brand was demonstrating the team’s authenticity. We created a new logo, visual system, website, photo library and marketing materials, which when coupled with a minimalistic approach, truly supports the Peloton team’s transparency and ability to create synergy and engagement with their clients to further cement their credibility.


Leveraging the messaging and visual system created for the website, we also developed supporting assets; case studies, and templates for presentations and acquisitions. Following the launch of the website in 2019, Peloton Advisory saw site users increase by 20%, and site sessions increase by 27%. Traffic to the site from organic search increased by 32% and the overall user experience improved with a 19% reduction in page load times. We also received a Platinum AVA Award that recognized the site for its overall user experience and how it differentiated them from similar firms while communicating their unique client service model and approach.

Having built our business on the core values of trustworthiness, transparency, collaboration, and the ability to have a little fun while connecting with our clients, it was so important to us that our website conveyed those qualities. Fishnet spoke with our clients, researched our business, and studied our market to understand how to not only reflect the Peloton Advisory brand but how to portray us as real people the way our clients know us and the way we want to be known. We’re proud to point everyone to our website now – it truly tells the story we want to tell.

John-Michael Girald, Partner