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Elevating Brand Value, Community Influence and User Experience

It’s hard to believe today that the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH, managed by the Pease Development Authority (PDA), was once a shuttered air force base. The economy at the tradeport is booming, with a steady amount of growth year over year. Given this growth, the PDA realized the need for a more user-friendly website that would help draw attention to everything the tradeport has to offer, and allow users to find what they need from the long list of services available. In short, the PDA needed to consolidate its disparate web properties and offerings into a single, consistent experience that would also reflect the PDA brand and value to the community.



The first goal of our engagement with the Pease Development Authority were to bring all its properties, divisions and units into a single website. These properties included the Pease Golf Course, for which we developed and maintain a website presence; the Pease International Airport at Portsmouth; and the business community on the tradeport.

The second goal we to redefine the Pease Development Authority website to serve more as a conduit to entice visitors and businesses to come to the Pease Tradeport. With available office space for rent or development, plus a host of job opportunities and recreation options, the website was intended to draw people into the unique offerings Pease Tradeport of which they might otherwise not have been aware.


We set out to create a website experience that was highly intuitive to the primary audiences who would use the Tradeport; travelers, residents and businesses. We began by creating a navigation system that made it easy for users to find what they were looking for, whether it be booking a flight or finding a restaurant. Instead of designing the navigation around the various divisions of the PDA, we offered simple categories that allowed them to access the same information, but in a way that made the most sense for them.

To further support this approach, and to ensure the full breadth of services and activities were clearly defined, we rewrote much of the website’s copy and accompanied each site element with lush, custom photography.


Our intuitive approach to the navigation coupled with the website copy and visual elements transformed the Pease Development Authority’s previously stodgy and convoluted website presence into an accessible, visual representation of all that the Pease International Tradeport has to offer.

Deployment of this new website supports the already-occurring exponential growth of the influential state agency. With increased flight service bringing more travelers to the Tradeport, and the creation of thousands of new jobs at companies across the Tradeport, the website provides a needed user experience that was also built to scale with the Tradeport’s continued success.

We knew a new website was going to be a critical part of our organization’s future, and we had been so impressed with the work Fishnet Media did on the Pease Golf Course website to put so much of the unique course experience right onto people’s computer screens. Working with them was an easy decision, and it was further validated through the whole process. Fishnet really guided us through everything, and we are not only thrilled with the final product, but excited to now offer a website that truly reflects who we are, and supports the exciting direction we’re going in.

Paul Brean, Airport Director