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How a Content Strategy Achieved Double-Digit Increases to Website and Social Traffic, and increased Leads and Sales

MESH01 offers brands a comprehensive product testing platform and access to a vast community of product testers, all with the goal of helping products be successful once they hit the market. In 2019, MESH01 engaged with Fishnet to make strategic changes to its marketing strategy. We developed a content strategy with the goal of elevating the company’s place as a thought leader, driving traffic to the MESH01 website, and increasing conversions. The strategy leveraged keywords and topic research relevant to the product and concept testing industry, and would map to the buyer journey to ensure MESH01’s target audiences would be engaged with the right content at the right time.



After kicking off the effort with MESH01 stakeholders, we first conducted industry and competitor research to support content recommendations, and then mapped out the buyer journey based on MESH01’s target audiences. Using uncovered target keywords, we implemented content optimization, and applied popularly-searched industry topics to proposed content assets.


We then created a “buyer journey matrix”, which mapped each content asset to the appropriate buyer journey stage and allowed MESH01 stakeholders to see the gaps in their current content production. Our inclusion of researched keywords and content topics also helped support how this content strategy would be successful in meeting MESH01’s business goals. Also, by integrating an email strategy, we were able to broaden the reach of MESH01’s net new content and track additional engagement and traffic.


Using dynamic content throughout the MESH01 website, the buyer journey is better supported, helping increase inbound opportunities by 93% and slash time-to-close as customers are more educated. And the hard numbers? In fewer than 12 months, organic search traffic to the MESH01 website has increased by 85% (nearly double their traffic prior to the effort), and traffic to their social media pages has increased by 263% (nearly triple their prior social traffic).

In a short time, Fishnet has managed to become what feels like a true extension of our team. They quickly established a solid foundational understanding of our business, identity, brand goals and product offerings (which can be admittedly nuanced) and have expanded and accelerated our digital marketing to result in measurable growth in key digital performance metrics and contribute significantly to growth in inbound opportunities.

Ryan Nicholson, Vice President, Product and Marketing