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Reaching Clients and Partners with Content That Counts

As a wealth management firm focused on high net worth investors, Portsmouth, N.H.- and Boston-based Lake Street Advisors needs to reach a niche audience. We already had a deep knowledge of the Lake Street brand following our initial rebranding and website redesign engagement. Given the firm’s need to grow its reach and influence, we recognized the opportunity to leverage Lake Street’s wealth management and investment experts to help create and inform valuable content. We also recognized that any successful content strategy requires research to understand the audience and competition, ensuring the content is purposeful and will help drive success.



We began by researching what Lake Street’s target audiences and competitors talk about or search for online, using a comprehensive list of relevant keywords to uncover the primary topics and themes in the high net worth wealth management, family office, and investment strategy space. We also examined the social media presence, website performance and digital activity of Lake Street’s top competitors, which identified gaps in Lake Street’s own activity that could be holding the wealth management firm back.


Using the topics, themes, and competitive information, we created a content strategy for Lake Street, mapping out relevant content, formats and dissemination recommendations. To aid in this effort, we added a blog to the Lake Street website, guided the wealth management firm through an update to its LinkedIn presence, and created an email marketing playbook, empowering Lake Street to deliver email campaigns that are integrated into their Salesforce CRM. Using Salesforce, the sales team was able to gain greater visibility into marketing touchpoints, as well as customer and prospect engagement with emails, campaigns and other assets. Understanding customer behavior allows the sales team to be more effective when talking with prospects, and be more personalized in mapping content consumption to sales opportunities.


We created and continue to maintain a content calendar, working with Lake Street’s wealth management and high net worth investment experts to create and publish thought leadership content that resonates with their audience, amplifying exposure and engagement with the firm. Because the content is based on our initial research, it is highly relevant to what Lake Street’s target audiences care most about. The wealth management firm is now disseminating a weekly email with its latest content and has implemented a content preferences option to ensure they continue to deliver to audiences only the content they want to see.

Since the implementation of the content strategy, Lake Street has seen a significant increase (41%) in organic traffic to the website, with similar growth in newsletter subscriptions and website conversions. Also due to increased keyword-driven content on their website, organic search results have increased by 60%.

We thought it would be challenging to produce valuable content on a regular basis, but Fishnet’s research exercise, coupled with the content calendar they created based on that research, really helped us clearly see what needed to be done. Seeing such consistency in our content creation has been rewarding, but beyond that, we are seeing real results that let us know this content strategy is working to get more eyes on Lake Street Advisors and validate the great work we do.

Jeremy Walla, Project Manager