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Building Brand Awareness Through Thought Leadership

General Electric is a household name, but its individual business units have their own unique products and differentiators that are not always distinguished from the overall GE brand. Leadership at GE's Industrial Solutions business were looking to increase awareness of its solutions beyond its existing customer base. With so many subject matter experts within the Industrial Solutions business, it made sense to launch a thought leadership effort that would deliver valuable content to the target audience.



Over a period of three months, we conducted research into the digital and competitive landscapes using specialized tools and technology. Through keyword research, persona development, competitor analysis and a content audit, we identified the topics and trends dominating the conversations happening in the subject areas GE Industrial Solutions was looking to promote.


As we uncovered these topics and trends, we tracked them carefully to ensure our recommendations would be based on the most relevant activity happening in the digital and competitive space. We compiled our findings and recommendations into a comprehensive report that turned extrapolated data into actionable, fact-based content strategy initiatives.


Leveraging the insight gained into the content GE Industrial Solutions' customers want and how they want it, we collaborated with GE's subject matter experts on content production based on a content calendar. GE’s Industrial Solutions business has since published many new types of content, including email nurture campaigns, interactive guides, infographics and white papers. The content has generated an average view-through-rate of 74%, well above GE's 60% benchmark, with a 17% increase in engagement. We continue updating our research to drive new content and fine-tune our overall thought leadership content strategy.

We recognized a need to focus on thought leadership and Fishnet helped us take the effort one step further by providing important research into how to reach our audiences with the content they want. We are now delivering strategic content that more effectively resonates with our customers' pain points.

Shonodeep Modak, Chief Marketing Officer, Industrial Solutions at GE