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Elevating the Brand and Improving Customer Experience Through a Revamped Website

An important credo for web design is that just because the product may be technical doesn’t mean you can’t create an inspiring, engaging and memorable user experience. ERP Power, which manufactures LED drivers for industrial lighting and lighting design, came looking for a website redesign that would help increase conversions through a more intuitive and visual user experience.



ERP was struggling with the need to un-complicate their massive LED driver search function to increase the usability of their website, especially for a younger generation that expects a seamless experience. A significant part of the planning process required gaining a thorough understanding of how their drivers should be grouped and the most user-friendly way they could be searched. With the need to organize hundreds of part numbers and make multiple pieces of documentation available, it was critical to have a clear idea what we were working with and how to best enhance it through an intuitive user experience.


ERP was highly involved with the creation of the site content and search functionality to ensure the finished product would meet their expectations. We went through and established consistent messaging to guide the content on each page, being sure to leverage the brand’s new logo and look and feel. With technology products like LED drivers, a key site design component on which we focus is vibrant renderings of the products to help them speak for themselves. The use of visually-stunning LED lighting applications demonstrates the power and efficiency of ERP products and how these drivers help illuminate the world in beautiful and awe-inspiring ways.


A key success factor of the site’s deployment was helping ERP relate better to design engineers and architects through the site’s function and messaging. The final website, therefore, provided a rich, technical experience that would help inspire the audience and instill the confidence that by purchasing ERP drivers, they could not only get what they needed, but fulfill their lighting vision in a beautiful way.

An important goal for ERP in 2017 was to show engineers and lighting designers that we have a quality product that meets their needs. Our current site struggled to convey this message effectively, but Fishnet took all the right steps to change that. From our initial meeting to the website launch, we felt like their team truly listened to our needs and created a website that effectively reflects the fact that ERP is a quality LED driver solution for modern industrial lighting.

Trent Waterhouse, Go-to-Market Strategist