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Taking on the Competition with a Rebrand and Website Redesign

In its field of information and infrastructure security, DirectDefense has a litany of differentiators. The company has a long resume of experience in network security, and it operates 24/7 to provide customers with unmatched managed and professional services. But they wanted a new approach to their brand to highlight those differentiators and better separate them from the competition. We underwent a full rebranding and website design process based around the company’s vision for how it wanted to be perceived. Now armed with a revamped brand identity and messaging, they’re rolling out several marketing tactics, including updated collateral and marketing automation strategies, to increase their influence and remain top-of-mind in the industry.



We held a discovery session to learn about DirectDefense and what brought them to a rebranding discussion. Our brand workshop activities helped identify how they want–and don’t want–to be perceived, and interviews with employees and partners validated much of what DirectDefense felt their differentiating values are. This information helped us develop a messaging architecture, laying out the foundation of the new brand and aligning the entire company around how to talk about DirectDefense. The most critical aspect of developing this messaging architecture was creating something scalable that can be built upon as the industry and landscape changes, so DirectDefense can always be relevant and top-of-mind.


We moved forward with creating the brand’s visual identity, designing a new logo and color palette that reflected the brand’s personality and differentiating values laid out in the brand architecture. With collaboration between the content and design teams, we created website content and corresponding wireframes so DirectDefense could see how the final site would be laid out. These components, along with designs for new company business cards, were presented to the DirectDefense team during an in-house meeting where we had the most opportunity for effective collaboration.


The website consists of multiple services and solutions pages detailing the vast capabilities DirectDefense offers, as well as accompanying one-page briefs available for download. We were able to populate the new site with content from the old one; however, for many of the newer pages, we conducted interviews with the DirectDefense team to get the needed information. DirectDefense wanted to launch the brand at an industry tradeshow, so we prepared new business cards, tradeshow banners, website and company one-pagers to help the company introduce its new brand in an impactful way that would prevent any confusion with the old brand. We also implemented Pardot and Salesforce marketing automation tools, which work together to streamline the company’s sales process and increase conversions. Overall, we have supported their sales process through strategic content and marketing automation techniques that provide more actionable information to the sales team and help increase the impact of the new DirectDefense brand.

Since the initial meeting, Fishnet has gone out of their way to make themselves accessible, available and completely transparent throughout the rebranding and website redesign process. As a company that practices those values in everything we do, we certainly appreciated the effort on their part to ensure the process went smoothly and considered all key stakeholders. We’re excited to launch a brand that accurrately reflects the unique services and solutions we offer, with a professional website to back it up.

Kelly Kish, Director of Marketing