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As a premier provider of enterprise-class software for the construction industry, B2W (formerly Bid2Win) initially contacted Fishnet for a complete rebranding of the company. At the top of the list was a “soup-to-nuts” redesign of the website, including full integration with B2W’s CRM. Not just engaging and responsive on all devices, the new site tracks visitor activity, measures campaign effectiveness, and feeds qualified leads directly to sales, helping B2W achieve a 97% maintenance renewal rate on software - a key metric for profitability.



For the rebrand project, B2W’s goal was to look bigger and move from a “point product” company to a true solution provider. Equally important was making sure that the new site tied in with sales as well as product management and support creating a unified platform to respond faster and more efficiently to all online queries.


Both visually appealing (with video, animation and custom iconography) and highly functional, the B2W website not only serves up tailored content based on user profile, but also includes custom forms that integrate systems like SFDC, Pardot, Uberflip and their customer portal —enabling B2W to manage the full customer experience. A built-in marketing automation tool measures the impact of various ad campaigns and programs.


Launched on time and on budget in 2014, the website exceeded client expectations. As a trusted partner for B2W, Fishnet continues to deliver quality, results-driven work such as design enhancements to product software UI (that earned a MITX nomination for design excellence in 2015) and a microsite supporting the company’s annual user conference—now bringing in more than triple the attendees since its inception.

Fishnet is our go-to resource for all things digital. They get it and uniquely bring both a creative and business mindset to the table. The website is beautiful, but more importantly, they’ve integrated our key systems - especially SFDC for lead nurturing - so we can be a faster, more agile, and more profitable organization.

Paul J. McKeon, Jr., CEO, B2W