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Pease Golf Course
The Ultimate Golf Venue on the Seacoast

Teeing up the Ultimate Golf Site

On the heels of a multi-million-dollar course renovation, Pease Golf Course (PGC) in Portsmouth, NH, was looking for a digital marketing partner to completely revamp its website as part of a branding initiative to create "the ultimate golf venue on the seacoast." Targeting golfers and prospective members, as well as restaurant patrons and people looking for a place to host functions like weddings and parties, the website needed to quickly engage users and highlight all of Pease’s unique offerings. Not just visually appealing, it was also critical that the site provide key functionality like live tee-time booking, an events calendar, and an opt-in newsletter sign-up.



Outlined in its formal RFP process, PGC’s primary goals for the website project was to build brand awareness while delivering a refined message. It was important that the site had a fresh look and feel yet was still true to the course’s nearly 120-year history. Fishnet conducted multiple collaborative working sessions with stakeholders and categorized key online user behavior, mapping all major functional elements to create the foundation for the new user experience.


Once the plan was solidified, Fishnet began the iterative process of developing the user interface through a series of wireframes, page designs and clickable prototypes. Vigorous user testing throughout the process allowed both teams to evolve requirements and achieve a solution that best met project goals.


With the final design approved, Fishnet then leveraged its expertise in demand-gen marketing and added the critical back-end functionality to drive business. A WordPress CMS integrated seamlessly with PGC’s existing online golf reservation system, while Marketo helped PGC better manage opt-in email leads. Social media support provided additional awareness in promoting the new site.

Nowhere in northern New England will you find a public golf venue executing such an extensive online strategy. We’re thrilled with the site and even more excited with the response of our customers.

- Scott DeVito, General Manager, Pease Golf Course