Creatively Led.
Strategically Driven.
Digital communications are evolving at a mind-numbing pace. How do you tie together all of your channels—from your website and demand gen campaigns to your Twitter feed and CRM systems—with a consistent brand experience that also drives the business? That’s where Fishnet can help.
Creating Brand Experiences -
And Lasting Relationships
Your brand is only as strong as its weakest point, so we leave nothing to chance. From customer service to the digital journey to retail ambiance, consumer association with a brand and building brand loyalty is based on how it makes them feel. Let us help you create a stellar brand experience from the consumer’s first interaction with your brand to the purchase decision and beyond.
Leverage Business Intelligence -
And Enable Sales and Marketing Automation
Brands that want to succeed in today’s customer-centric world must harness and use customer data. We help organizations reach their target audiences more effectively with optimized experiences and targeted content across the digital ecosystem. Data enables us to move from mere personalization into the realm of contextual marketing, allowing the art to draw out the emotion.

Technology Partners

Our greatest innovations come from collaborations between our close-knit teams of in-house strategists, designers and engineers developing on some of the world’s best platforms.


Digital marketing services are always transforming, and knowing the platforms that drive them is a critical part of delivering results for our clients. Sure, our certifications might give us some bragging rights, but they also mean our services are backed by a qualified, expert team that understands exactly how to make your brand go.

Our Customers

Fishnet brings the best of both worlds in providing clients with engaging and effective brand experiences. We combine a strategic focus with strong creative skills and a deep knowledge of the technology/business systems to optimize these experiences.

In the Community

At Fishnet, we all feel fortunate to be part of an exciting process that connects people to amazing products and services. That’s why we partner with local nonprofit organizations. We see these partnerships as a great opportunity to help these great organizations succeed and continue making a positive impact on the community. Plus, we love giving back to our neighbors, maximizing our creativity and building relationships with community members—all for a good cause.

Our Culture

We’re passionate about your success, and we take our work seriously. Ourselves? Not so much. Our team of creative, technical, and business visionaries understand that by working collaboratively, we can achieve great things—which means creating an environment that’s fun, open, and energetic. Our thriving business has enabled us to recruit talented folks who enjoy a challenging career in one of the best places to live—and work.


Jared Lemos
Managing Partner, Co-Founder
Michael Packard
Managing Partner, Co-Founder
Sean Reusch
Customer Experience
Jennifer Keefe
Content Strategist
Jared Lemos
Managing Partner, Co-founder
Getting results for our clients is what it’s all about, and that mantra drives my work at Fishnet every day. I have 20 years of experience spanning all areas of marketing, which has allowed me to bring creative marketing solutions and strategies to our clients that deliver real, long-term business value. My expertise and knowledge base have helped me establish lasting relationships with notable companies such as Planet Fitness, GE, Liberty Mutual and Fred C. Church Insurance; it's been so rewarding to be part of the success of some great brands both locally and around the world. For me, it’s being able to combine proven marketing savvy and creativity with an understanding of technology, processes and markets—that’s what gets results.
Michael Packard
Managing Partner, Co-founder
I think a solid foundation for any client engagement is built on a mutual trust. I have more than 20 years of experience developing successful brand strategies and demand generation campaigns, bringing to the table a unique combination of digital expertise, marketing savvy and client counsel. My background includes driving results both on the agency side and within the high-tech corporate world, which makes for a beneficial combination when it comes to working with clients and instilling the confidence that we can deliver on their specific needs and expectations and set them up for long-term success. I have the ability to cut through the noise and help clients navigate complex technology and marketing challenges—and find the solution that makes the most sense to them. It’s a passion, and I’m lucky to be able to do it every day.
Sean Reusch
Customer Experience
I’ve always been passionate about how profoundly a visual experience can impact someone from the very first interaction. To communicate a brand’s unique identity and tell its story in a highly memorable way, I go beyond the visual design to create a truly intuitive and engaging experience. Throughout my more than 17 years as a designer, I’ve loved experimenting with different design techniques to take a truly individualized and thoughtful approach to all client work. My approach is to make my design and visual executions as unique as our clients, and support their brand in ways that have a lasting—and successful—effect.
Jennifer Keefe
Content Strategy
My whole life I’ve been fascinated by words and how putting just the right ones together in the right way can evoke emotion, action and reaction. After many years as a journalist, I found myself drawn to content marketing and delivering memorable brand experiences with my words. I’m passionate about the strategy behind making good brands great, and resonating emotionally with a target audience, whether it be through social media content, web pages or sales collateral. Generating the approach to content marketing that helps meet and exceed our clients’ goals and expectations is what drives me every day.

Apply now. Excel later.

Fishnet Media is a growing company, focused on providing creative marketing solutions and strategies that deliver real business value to clients. Combining proven marketing expertise and creativity with an understanding of technology, processes, and markets, we collaborate closely with clients to build brand awareness, drive sales leads, improve communications, and—generally speaking—get results.

We offer rewarding projects from a wide range of clients and great benefits that include:

Current Openings:

Visual Designer (Contract)

We’re seeking a Visual Designer to provide freelance services with the potential to permanently join our fast-growing digital marketing agency.

Content Producer (Contract)

We’re looking for a content producer who loves writing. You know–the type who corrects their friends’ grammar, has an eye for detail and knows that all good writing has its roots in good research.