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Creating Greater Awareness and Appreciation for GE Aviation - Digital

A visit to any airport is proof enough that passenger numbers are growing and airlines are busier than ever. Meeting passenger demands means also staying on top of aircraft maintenance, managing unexpected operational and flight delays, and mitigating passenger issues, to name a few. GE Aviation, Digital is committed to providing digital products and software that empower airlines to use their data to make meaningful changes to overall operations, allowing them to ultimately save time, money, and improve the customer experience.



The top challenge for GE Aviation, Digital in getting its customers to adopt its products and solutions is selling the importance of undergoing a “digital transformation.” Many airlines have not yet embraced automated, data-driven solutions due to cost or implementation concerns, but our goal in working with GE Aviation, Digital was to help them with product commercialization to really communicate the importance of a digital solution set. As part of the planning process, we familiarized ourselves with GE Aviation, Digital’s target customers, and the company’s products and solutions, and developed a strategy around product commercialization that addressed pre-launch, launch and post-launch services.


One of the most standout aspects of GE Aviation Digital’s product commercialization efforts was the creation of customer experience centers across the world. We assisted with the branding of the Washington, D.C. and Munich, Germany experience centers, helping create unique learning spaces for GE Aviation, Digital’s customers. We also created a “recognition wall” at the Austin, TX experience center, which added to the center’s feeling of inclusion, innovation, and digital transformation at work at airlines all over the world. In conjunction with numerous assets ranging from brochures to a video, we helped GE Aviation, Digital create a compelling story around the importance of digital transformation and how their products and services can help airlines fly better.


The catalyst for elevating the conversation around digital transformation at airlines is GE Aviation, Digital’s annual user conference, Waypoint. We have assisted with the lead-up and deployment of Waypoint for several years, and the event’s significance has only grown as the industry has become more digitized. Through strategic email campaigns, product commercialization tactics, collateral development and event promotions, we have helped GE Aviation, Digital better connect with its relevant audiences to boost attendance at Waypoint and convey the importance of the conference’s offerings.

At a time when the airline industry is changing so rapidly, it hasn’t been enough for us to simply develop and offer innovative digital products and solutions–we needed the right commercialization strategy to truly convey to airlines the importance of making the switch to digital, even in a small way. Fishnet was integral in providing the support and talent necessary to take this message and connect it to our target customers, and much of the work they have provided will live on and continue to be effective in communicating the importance of digital transformation.

Director of Marketing