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Revamping a Brand for New Markets

Elo initially approached Fishnet to help open their brand up to new marketing opportunities. Applying its depth of expertise with brand development and execution, Fishnet performed a refresh of the Elo brand, revamping sales collateral and digital assets to help the company enter into new markets. As part of the refresh, Fishnet also assessed Elo’s Search Marketing efforts, uncovering missed opportunities and ultimately saving the company money with an increase in return and brand awareness through a more optimized online presence.



Acting as something of an extension of the Elo marketing team for the brand refresh, Fishnet jumped in with a strategy to turn the business around from a marketing perspective. From its approach to everything from the brand vision guidelines to tradeshow experiences, Fishnet’s ultimate goal was to truly differentiate the brand at all touchpoints.


Fishnet provided everything from brand guidelines, sales and marketing tools for events and tradeshows, and consumer product packaging to product microsites, channel enablement tools and email marketing. In order to create these assets, Fishnet needed to establish the refreshed brand’s story and messaging, as well as redefine target markets and audience personas within those markets. Understanding where and with whom the brand needed to resonate was key in establishing all branded materials.


The combination of rebranded assets and the focus on user tracking and digital marketing helped successfully re-launch the Elo brand into new markets. Each piece of collateral supported the brand’s unique look and feel and called out the why-to-buy, helping drive sales and build brand awareness. Additionally, Fishnet recently moved Elo into Pardot, powered by Salesforce, for their email marketing platform, which provides a better user experience for customers, better alignment between sales and marketing, and better email management capabilities for Elo.

The advantage to working with the Fishnet team is their experience and expertise across creative design, responsive websites, search engine optimization and marketing automation to deliver affordable results and practical campaigns that align sales and marketing efforts. Fishnet delivered a 40X increase in our social media audience while keeping our brand professional across new product introductions, channel partner programs, and solution-oriented microsites.

- Trent Waterhouse, Chief Marketing Officer, Elo Interactive