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Raising the Bar on Two Key MIT Initiatives

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) wanted to elevate their event branding around two of its key annual initiatives–The Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) and the AI and the Future of Work Congress events. When they contacted us, they were feeling challenged by the limitations of the current websites for these initiatives, which each suffered from a cumbersome user experience for necessary objectives like registrations or communicating event details. MIT needed to better convey the impact and relevance of these initiatives through improved messaging, visual identity, and user experience.



For both the IIC and the AI and the Future of Work Congress websites, our challenge was to create user experiences that would effectively convey the importance of these initiatives and the bright minds involved with each. For the IIC website, we carefully considered the global reach of this challenge and its unique ability to bring great minds together with the ultimate goal of bettering the world with smart, new technologies. For the AI and the Future of Work Congress, which is a much-talked-about event that has been featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Vice News, our challenge was to create a site that would educate on the ways AI is changing the world while effectively answering to the controversy that often surrounds this topic.


For the IIC website, we approached the design and user experience with a “larger than life” feel, using bold typography and color to draw in the user and highlight the global impact and reach of the challenge.

The AI and the Future of Work Congress website is all about conveying excitement and opportunity and creating a visual cohesiveness among participants from all over the world. The combination of bright colors and movement, coupled with bold messaging and AI-created imagery creates an energy around the event in line with its global influence and impact on the future.


Deployment of each website was strategic in line with the ramp up to each event. It was important to provide users with a different and unique experience with the information right from the start, which would help generate excitement and underscore the great reputation of these events. The results were immediate; the Inclusive Innovation Challenge website specifically more than doubled its new users, website sessions and page views, all while decreasing the bounce rate by more than 23%.

The websites Fishnet delivered to us for the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge and the MIT AI and the Work of the Future Congress do a phenomenal job of communicating the uniqueness, energy, and spirit of our disruptive initiatives and events. Fishnet’s creative approach to problem-solving and communicating key messages across global platforms and audiences sets them apart from all other digital agencies we’ve worked with to date. They deftly combine eye-popping design with intuitive user experience, but also critically provide best-in-class project management that wins stakeholder buy-in and keeps production on time and on budget. We’re thrilled with the engagement our sites are generating and highly recommend Fishnet to organizations seeking a next-level experience with their digital deliverables in the U.S. and abroad.

Shannon Farrelly, Director, Communications & Media Relations at MIT