CoreX Equine
Perfecting Horseback Riding Posture and Position

Bringing a Customized Technology to a Niche Industry

How do you take a proprietary technology and get it noticed by your target audience? CoreX had developed a core strength monitoring device customized specifically for horseback riders—athletes who need core strength to perform but don’t have specific fitness tools like other athletic groups. The company came to Fishnet for help building a next-generation website experience that would help market this unique technology to its target audience. To accomplish this goal, Fishnet developed a new website that told a visually-compelling story through the use of video and strong imagery, and was very results-focused, data-driven and informational. Using keywords and tracking analytics, Fishnet build the site to provide the ultimate user experience and convert sales leads quickly and easily.



CoreX Equine was looking to build brand awareness within the horseback riding community, presenting a unique opportunity to start a conversation around the importance of core strength in a space where very little was currently being said on the topic. The new website demanded a user experience that would show real-life application of the CoreX device and put its unique benefit front and center.


Fishnet applied information about the target audience and CoreX Equine’s unique offering to position the device as a solution for elite equine athletes. It was important to communicate that CoreX is a very focused and engineered solution customized specifically to the horseback riding audience to improve riding performance. To convey these key points, Fishnet employed video and strong visuals throughout the website, capturing the device in use and highlighting the why-to-buy in a compelling way.


Fishnet launched the new website on time and on budget in April 2016, and has since been tracking conversions on the site to inform how consumers are finding CoreX Equine and what steps they’re taking in the buying process. This information, combined with Search Engine Optimization efforts, will help CoreX Equine increase brand awareness and grow sales in this niche market.