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How to Use the Right Digital Channels to Nurture Quality Leads


Strategic Tactics to Help You Generate More Sales-Qualified Leads

A consumer purchase journey is a lot like a new relationship.

You need to take some time to learn about each other, see how compatible you are, perhaps consider your options, and ultimately make a decision to proceed and commit, or back out.

To make the relationship successful, you do the right things at the right time to make a good impression.

Marketers need to woo their potential buyers in much the same way.

This means reaching them wherever they are in the buying cycle; nurturing them at every stage to ensure you stand out, building trust, and, ultimately, winning them over.

Consumers have a lot of choices, and they determine their own purchase journey in today’s highly digital and information-rich environment. So marketers must be sure there are no leaks in the sales funnel that could lead to missed opportunities.

Here are 3 easy steps to help you reach your buyers when and where it counts, and maximize conversions.

Step 1: Identify your Buyers – and Their Journey

Understanding your audience and where they are in their purchase journey is key to reaching them in the most appropriate way.

  • Create buyer personas. What type of people make up your target audience? If you know you you’re marketing to, you can better understand how they make buying decisions. Create as many personas as you need.
  • Pinpoint actual buyers and research their habits and decision-making process. Research buyers who:
    • Fit into your personas
    • Took some type of action—i.e. made a purchase, evaluated your product or service, downloaded some piece of content, etc.
  • Survey each buyer about their purchase journey. Meaning, find out what led them to look for your product or service, and their research and decision-making process.

Take the information you’ve learned and implement a plan for how you can reach your buyers more effectively, integrating digital channels toward that end.

Step 2: Use Digital Channels for Lead Nurturing

Buyers move swiftly, and marketers need to be prepared to reach them wherever they might be. A multi-channel lead nurturing strategy is key for building brand awareness, trust, and closing the deal.

  • Email—Personalized, targeted emails can go a long way in the lead nurturing process. Segment your email lists so you’re sending appropriate content to your potential buyer.
  • Social Media—Be actively engaged on your social networks. Listening, responding and monitoring will help build trust. Take advantage of social ads as well to reach your audience based on interest, location, and other demographics.
  • Retargeting—Implement retargeting campaigns based on metrics such as time spent on your site, pages viewed, or actions taken. If a user gets close to purchase but doesn’t complete it, use a retargeting ad to ensure that lead doesn’t get away.
  • Phone or Chat—People value a one-on-one interaction – now more than ever. Making your phone number readily available, or having a chat feature on your website, provides users with immediate answers from a real human, which can certainly make an impact on a purchase decision.
  • Dynamic Website Personalization—As users engage, enhance your website with strategic content to provide them with the information they need as they browse your pages and help drive their purchase decision.

Step 3: Don’t Forget About the Content.

Reaching users through multiple digital channels only works as hard as the content you’re delivering. Be mindful of your calls-to-action, and what information or opportunity you’re giving the user. Ask yourself if it’s the most appropriate way to speak to them at their current stage of the buying cycle, or if the download or offer you’re presenting is what they need to push them further into the decision-making process.

Fishnet can help execute these steps and more—contact us today to learn how our lead generation and nurturing tactics can benefit your brand.