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To Start 2022, Use What You Have – and Make It Better

Well folks, here we are again. Hurdling toward the end of another year. If you haven’t started receiving the seemingly compulsory onslaught of “hot trends for the new year” listicles from every brand that has your email address, you will soon! Don’t worry – this post isn’t one of those. Don’t get me wrong – we’re all for exploring new trends that are helping improve our clients’ digital marketing strategies, and we do so almost daily. However, for the purposes of this blog post and a focus on starting the new year strong, we want to talk about different ways you can enhance what you’re already doing.

We think this type of approach is highly valuable – especially in 2022.

The coming year will hopefully continue our upward trajectory toward more post-COVID activities, and that includes, of course, how businesses operate. We’ve had to learn to adapt to very challenging and different times, which in many cases led to adopting business practices that better accommodate and serve customers remotely. Many businesses made long-overdue enhancements to their websites, digital communications, and eCommerce capabilities, setting themselves up for success long after the pandemic.

With so much change and adaption already under our belts, the new year shouldn’t serve as a time to anxiously question everything you’re doing. Instead, we see 2022 as a unique opportunity to focus on the digital marketing activities that are working for your business and to uncover ways to capitalize on that success in the new year.

Times of uncertainty are actually ideal for revisiting your strategies. If something isn’t working, throw that playbook out and turn your attention to what’s going well. You don’t need to follow the next set of hot trends – with this seemingly simple approach, you’ll be future-proofing your business and enhancing the experiences that matter most to your customers.  

This post will help you answer three key questions:

  1. How can I enhance my existing digital marketing activities?
  2. What information do I already have about my customers that can inspire new digital marketing strategies?
  3. Are there any quick wins I can implement to improve my audience’s digital experience with my brand?

Enhance What You’re Already Doing

There are so many activities when it comes to digital marketing, and we know you’re doing at least some of them. Adding new activities to the mix is great, but enhancing what you’re already doing well is a good place to start.

Start by making a list of your current activities. This list should include:

  • email or text communications
  • social posting or other social media activity
  • advertising
  • blogging and other content production
  • online chat tools
  • search optimization
  • automations

Now it’s time to think about ways to enhance those activities. To help guide you with this step, here are a few things to consider:

Engagement. Check out the metrics associated with your communication activities, social media, and content consumption. Make note of where you’re seeing low engagement – these are areas where you should consider a different approach. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing the social platform you’re using because your audience just isn’t there.

Resonance & Relevance. Is your content addressing the problems your target audience is having? Are you offering up the right information for their particular stage of the buyer journey? Dialing in these aspects of your content strategy are important enhancements that go a long way.

Brand Message & Identity. Are your marketing materials consistent in look and feel? Do you have a recognizable brand identity and messaging that resonates with your audience? A lack of branding consistency can create doubt in your audience, leading to poor customer experiences or lost business. Revisit your brand guide or, if you don’t have one, think about working with a marketing agency to create one. While you’re at it, consider if your brand reflects growing sustainability and ethics concerns among consumers. If you have the opportunity to enhance your brand in this realm, now is a good time to do it.

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Use Existing Customer Information

Do you know what information you have on your prospects and customers and, if so, are you using it?

As you look to enhance your digital marketing activities, the more you know about your prospects and customers, the better. Here are some basic ways to use customer information:

  • Segmentation: Group your prospects and customers into sub-groups based on shared characteristics. One group might be customers who all purchased a specific product for the same need, or prospects who are all in the same industry.
  • Journey Stages: It’s critical to know where your prospects are in their buyer journey so you can communicate appropriately with the right messages, calls-to-action, and content. Use lead activity information to track their buyer journey.

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  • Outreach: When reviewing your communications activities or content production, use prospect and customer information to help you make decisions about who should get what type of message at what time. This way, you can create content that will resonate based on known customer needs, and you avoid sending messages that are too far ahead or behind where your prospect is in their journey.
  • Experience Elevation: Pay attention to your existing customers as well. Use information about their purchase history and engagement activity to continue delighting them with relevant information, offers, or upgrade opportunities. Customers love to feel like they’re being heard and getting what they need without having to ask for it.

Collecting and tracking prospect and customer information, and coupling it with outreach and follow-up, is easy with a marketing automation strategy. If you don’t have a marketing automation strategy in place, or feel you aren’t using yours to the best of its ability, talk with a digital marketing agency to fine-tune your lead generation and conversion tactics.

Elevate Your Digital Experience

This one is all about your website. Your website is essentially the face of your brand and makes an important first impression on prospects and customers. 

Try using your website the way a prospective customer might. If you have many different types of customers who look for different solutions, consider each user’s experience separately. Leveraging the information you have on your customers, compare how their needs and purchase behaviors map to your website’s navigation or eCommerce solution. Do you provide an easy, intuitive experience for every customer? 

You may find that your website could benefit from certain enhancements, such as updated messaging, a different navigational organization, or clearer calls-to-action. If you work with a digital marketing agency, you can receive a site audit that will show data such as which pages are viewed most often. This type of information can be incredibly valuable for informing minor enhancements that can elevate the quality of your website experience. 

Further, look at your website from a visual standpoint. Does it accurately reflect your brand? This step is where having a brand guide becomes incredibly important. Visual and messaging consistency should apply to every touch-point of your brand, especially your website.

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This entire exercise of reviewing your digital experience can help you identify if you need to go beyond just a few enhancements and undergo a website refresh or redesign. 

In Conclusion

Your current marketing activities, lead and customer data, and digital experience are all critical and all work together as part of your digital marketing strategy. Reviewing each approach and understanding how you can make it stronger is a great place to start in the new year.

Digital marketing is always evolving as customer demands grow, technology advances, and the way we communicate and interact changes. Enhancing your digital marketing activities will not only allow you to become more familiar with what’s working and how to make it better but will help you identify areas of your brand that need greater attention – beyond simple enhancements. 

We’re ready when you are. Fishnet can help you identify and make those enhancements, and work with you on the bigger picture too – beyond just the hot trends. Start 2022 strong and keep it going all year long. 

That’s a resolution we can get behind! Contact us today to start the conversation.