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Move Over, Oscars. We’ve Got AVA Digital Awards


We’re Celebrating Awards Season With Our Award-Winning Clients

We’re excited to announce that four of our clients, Appleton Partners, Peloton Advisory, Polte, and MIT, each received an AVA Digital Award for new websites we designed, developed, and launched in 2019. 

Each website reflects the unique differentiators these companies bring to their markets and elevates their brand aesthetic with a fresh, next-generation look, feel, and functionality. 

We’re thrilled to be working with these amazing clients and proud to have provided them with award-winning website experiences.

Appleton Partners Wins AVA Platinum

Appleton Partners: Platinum Award
Appleton Partners provides personalized financial planning for clients and was looking for a website that reflected their growth and capabilities while remaining true to the company’s long heritage and valued reputation. 

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Peloton Wins AVA Platinum

Peloton Advisory: Platinum Award
Peloton Advisory provides M&A services for privately-held businesses and was looking for a website that would help differentiate them from similar companies, but that would also communicate their unique client service and approach.

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Polte Wins AVA Gold

Polte: Gold Award
Polte is a first-of-its-kind IoT location provider whose technology is uniquely able to track location indoors and outdoors using 4G and 5G cellular networks and cloud computing. They were looking for a website that would clearly communicate the advantage their technology offers and how it’s being leveraged today.

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MIT Wins AVA Honorable Mention

MIT AI & The Future of Work Congress: Honorable Mention
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI and the Future of Work Congress gathers academics, business leaders, entrepreneurs, education and labor leaders, and policymakers to discuss the impact and future trends of technological disruption. They were looking for a fresh new website that would convey the collaborative feel of the event, as well as the technology that’s driving it. 

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Congratulations to our award-winning clients! If you’d like to discuss a new website or digital project that could earn your business an award, contact us today!