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Supporting Relationships Through an Elevated Brand Experience

Boston-based investment firm Appleton Partners competes in a crowded space, and therefore has made it a point to differentiate themselves by emphasizing the personalized, focused relationships they foster with clients. The firm needed a new website to more accurately reflect this key brand message, and enlisted our help in creating a more welcoming and friendly user experience.



Appleton Partners has several important facets of the business that all needed to be accurately portrayed (and easily accessible) on the new website. We spent time with their team to learn about the business and the differences in private client relationships versus advisors. We also mapped out lead generation strategies that included a monthly newsletter, event support collateral, and video content.


We collaborated with Appleton throughout the content production process, as well as during early designs for the new website. We worked together to establish consistent messaging to guide the content on each page and ensure it was addressing the key concerns of both advisors and private clients. To portray Appleton’s experience and sophistication, as well as their dedication to clients, we implemented an engaging design based around the Appleton “A” that incorporates high-end photography, minimal copy, white space and visual emphasis on value statements about the firm. The goal was to highlight the authenticity of working with the firm.


Following site deployment, Appleton realized increased business opportunities due in large part to the improved user experience, compelling visual identity, and consistent messaging designed specifically to resonate with the firm’s target audiences. Since the launch, website sessions have increased more than 9.2% month over month. Appleton enjoys about 2,000 more pageviews per month than with its former site, and bounces off the site have decreased a whopping 90% from 34% on the old site to just 2.5% currently.

Additionally, our delivery of refreshed communication templates and video content has also been successful in driving lead generation and helping add value to the brand as a whole.

Effectively speaking to both our key audiences – private clients and advisory firms - through a single web site was challenging, but Fishnet broke it down very understandably in a way that had us all on board right from the beginning. We’re very pleased with the final product; it addresses the needs of both our private clients and advisors and accurately reflects Appleton’s focus on building lasting relationships through our work.

Robert Krantz, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Distribution Strategy