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Applying Our Industry Knowledge and Experience

ABB made the announcement in 2017 that it would be acquiring GE’s Industrial Solutions business, for which we had been the agency of record since 2011 when they acquired Lineage Power. This move opened many opportunities for us to leverage our expertise and knowledge of GE Industrial Solutions to help make the transition smooth and successful for ABB.



During our time working with GE Industrial Solutions, a cornerstone project helped propel the brand toward a thought leadership-led marketing strategy that would be more purposeful in reaching target customers and getting out the message of GE Industrial Solutions’ differentiating value. Through an in-depth research and reporting exercise that included a comprehensive audit of all GE Industrial Solutions’ existing assets and collateral, and closely examined the competitive and digital landscapes for key user segments, we were able to present a comprehensive content strategy that would help GE Industrial Solutions elevate is brand and increase its reach.

With our in-depth knowledge of such niche user segments, this exercise put us in a prime position to help ABB integrate its own messaging once the acquisition took place. We are also equipped to conduct additional research around other ABB audiences to help the company more effectively reach them and impact their buying decisions.


Our research exercise led to specific activities in execution of the content strategy for GE Industrial Solutions, which included social media post content and visuals, external-facing collateral like brochures, data sheets and product guides, internal-facing sales and marketing tools, and website landing pages.

Since the acquisition, we have been able to help ABB design and develop similar assets, applying our in-depth knowledge of the GE Industrial Solutions market segment to create effective collateral and assets that resonate with their target customers. One such asset was a video communicating the value of GE Industrial Solutions’ legacy services and products in the context of ABB. Our goal was to demonstrate the purposefulness of the acquisition and how ABB and GE would work together to not only continue delivering exceptional solutions for customers, but to improve those solutions.


Many of the research findings drove deployment of specific thought leadership content; i.e. safety-related content such as arc flash mitigation and energy management practices. This content included homepage banners, content for embedded Citia desks throughout the website, whitepapers, infographics, interactive guides, a social media strategy and an email drip campaign.

Just prior to being acquired by ABB, and as a result of the content strategy, GE’s Industrial Solutions business saw an uptick in content views and engagement, and was on track to continue bolstering its thought leadership efforts through ongoing research and refinement of the content strategy. Through this new relationship with ABB, we are well-positioned to help the company continue to grow as a trusted resource to its customers and elevate its expert voice through quality content that resonates with its key audiences.

Given the great work Fishnet had already done with the GE Industrial Solutions business, and their extensive knowledge of our industry, product lines and target audiences, we are confident that we can continue working with the Fishnet team to build on their work. It’s clear Fishnet is well-positioned to help elevate ABB as a prominent industry player backed by the quality, trust and expertise GE Industrial Solutions created over the years.

Christy Hardin, Global Product Marketing Director